Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ilyumzhinov: Presidential Board is wasted money

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who denies announcements from FIDE that he resigned as president, said that the FIDE Presidential Board planned for 10th April would cost too much, up to 200,000 EUR.

In a statement for TASS, Ilyumzhinov repeated: "I did not write any statement and did not sign any papers, therefore I continue my work. I continue to work hard until the next elections in 2018. I do not get involved in intrigues, although Makropoulos and a group of friends try to drag me in."

Ilyumzhinov says there is no need to hold the Board on 10th April: "The organization of the Presidential Board will cost FIDE 100-200 thousand EUR. I am certain it is better to direct these funds for the development of chess. But I do not intend to leave my post ahead of schedule," Ilyumzhinov concluded.

(The numbers seem to be pretty exaggerated)

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