Sunday, September 11, 2005

Impressions from Macedonian Labour Day Open 2005

My friend Danny McGlynn was playing there and he sent me a few words about his personal view of the event. Thank you for your contribution Dan!

This is my first time actually going to this tournament and first time going to any tournament in Toronto. I was very pleased by the people that were running the tournament. Things were very well laid out. Built upon well with the experience over the years. I heard in a few announcements that this tournament in particular had been running for 15 years. Very impressive to keep an event for going for such a long period of time. Congrads to all who helped to keep it running.

The actual surroundings of the tournament were great to say the least. The hall that it was played in was huge. Lots of walking space, and the #1 table was very easy to distinguish. It was at the one end of the hall all by itself...leaving lots of room around it to be viewed by 10-20 people easily.

Since this was my first tournament in the area, I did not see very many familiar faces, but there were a few that I had seen before. Some new people I did meet there were very friendly and great to talk to. Some past faces were great to see again and to chat with between the rounds.

Another interesting feature of the tournament was that there was somewhat of a small cafeteria with lots of tables. You could go there with your opponents and look over your game, or sit down and look over games with your friends, or just play a few blitz games with whoever. A very large skittles room in a sense.

The site of the tournament was very close to many restaurants and a few hotels/motels, as well as a grocery store. If anyone were to travel far, like myself, to get to the tournament, they would have everything in good distance.

The actual organizers Bryan Lamb and Randy Moysoski had done a great job, hats off to both of them. An extended handshake also goes out to them to keep their advertising end of the tournament with the prize fund that was suggested, a superb tournament. I personally am hoping to make a showing at it again next year.

Danny McGlynn

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