Thursday, September 29, 2005

More photos from Herceg Novi

Can I get a higher chair, please?

Can I get a higher chair, please?

IM Pawel Czarnota

European U18 champion - IM Pawel Czarnota from Poland

GM Skembris and kids

GM Spiridon Skembris and kids from Greece

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Bogdan Girmacea said...

What can i say except I am impressed to see so young kids playing chess.We live in a time where if you want to achieve something you must start very early. I am just thinking of poor trainers who has to teach those kids chess. Its a hard work!! I tried it myself with my 3 years old cousin. Couldnt believe how hard it was. The teacher needs a lot of patience and dedication to make the young kid understand. I remember when i taught my little cousin how to move pieces. All was going slowly, but surely. But the problems appeared when i tried to teach him how knight moves. Poor kid just couldnt understand it:)
So teaching young kids is a hard job but i think it worth it.