Saturday, October 08, 2005

Anand is playing white against Topalov

This would be like last train for Vishy Anand to catch. He has to take the advantage of White pieces and go for a win against Topalov.

Round 8 Standings:
1.Veselin Topalov 7.0; 2.Peter Svidler 5.0; 3.Vishy Anand 4.5; 4.Peter Leko 4.0; 5.Alexander Morozevich 4.0; 6.Rustam Kasimdzhanov 3.0; 7.Michael Adams 2.5; 8.Judith Polgar 2.0

We saw drawish Berlin line of Ruy Lopez in the opening. A bit dissapointing after so many sharp games by Topalov, but he's clearly happy with a draw here. With 4.d3 Anand is avoiding boring main lines and with 13.Bh4 he's sacrifising Nf3 for the attack. Audience on WorldChessNetwork is claiming draw by perpetual check.

Current position:


(10 mins later)**
Game drawn by agreement


Ilanchess said...

Hey Goran,

Nice blog! I just found your site. It is pretty cool. I look forward to reading upcoming posts. Also I just started a chess blog too! If you want to check it out the link is Cya on wcn sometime!

Milan Lee said...

Hey Ilan, welcome to the blogosphere!
I'll be your regular visitor, hope you will post your games very often.
We miss you on WCN, there's no one to beat Kamsky in MC ;)