Thursday, November 03, 2005

Find the move!

Not sure if I mentioned that I am chairman of the local chess club. Club is owned by city authorities but they dont want to finance it, so players are paying for bills and expenses.

We are currently participating in the Pomoravlje regional league. My players deserve to be named: MK Dragan Gajovic, MK Miroslav Milenkovic (72-years old, former champion of Paris, France), MK Goran Urosevic, I Dragan Novakovic, Sasha Gmitrovic, Dr Goran Gajic, Dejan Pantic, Vladan Stanisavljevic, Ana Milovanovic, Jelena Novakovic and junior Aleksandar Dimitrijevic.

Last sunday we were playing "Jedinstvo" (eng. United) from Duboka. Final result was nice 6,5-1,5

I was playing on the 2nd board and this is position after 15.Nd1. Now, find the best move for Black here...


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