Friday, November 18, 2005

Friends from WCN

WorldChessNetwork is the best online chess community. Members are very friendly, probably because most of them are using their real names. I want to post a few photos.

Jim Nix
Jim Nix from Florida. Big fan of Morphy, Alekhine and Fischer. He has scorred brilliant wins over IM Rychagov and IM Navrotescu. With the hat and moustaches - a Russian IM alike.

Jonathon Zaczek
Jonathon Zaczek from Manitoba is one of the best Canadian juniors. He insists on his brilliancy and wants to be called The Nikachu.

Todd Shannon
Todd Shannon from LA, California. Photographer and proud father of two sons. Better known over his nick Che Ssaholic and live audio broadcasts addiction. Dont get tricked with the photo, Todd is one of the most friendliest people we have met in the WCN chat room.

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