Friday, November 25, 2005

I owe you this

In my practical examples post I have asked "How should Black react here?". Since there were no takers I can only think that either my blog is boring or, even worse, the question was too hard.


1.Qe4 Qf5!!

Paradoxical move. But on second thought very logical. White Queen will be far away from the main events after taking Ra8. So Black can also use his Queen to break into enemies fort. The main difference is that Black King can easily run into the castle while his White opponent is stuck in the center because his pieces are undeveloped.

2.Qa8 Qc2 3.Qb8 Bc3 4.bc3 Qc3 5.Kd1 Qd1 6.Kd2 c3 7.Kd3 0-0

Black King goes into safety and soon Bc8 comes into the game with devastating effects. White has no time to close both diagonals.

8.g4 Ba6! 9.Qa7 b4 10.Ke3 c2 and 0-1, Aseev-Novikov, Vilnus 1984.

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