Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"Bone" Tournament

On 18th December we had an blitz tournament in honor of the Serbian chess legend and long time SK "Radnicki" member Miroslav Milenkovic Bone. Bone was playing for Yugoslav team champion "Red Star" in period 1955-1957. He was champion of Paris while studying French language and he also earned title of Bulgarian National Master. Since 1962. he is first board of SK "Radnicki", Cuprija.

Tournament was played in beautiful Hotel "Ravno" restaurant. It was round robin event with 22 participants.

Final standings:
1. FM Boroljub Zlatanovic
2. MK Nebojsa Grujic
3. FM Djordje Popovic
4. MK Blagoje Milenkovic
5. MK Vladan Ilic

Best junior boy was Uros Cvetanovic
Best junior girl was Milica Milosavljevic
Best veteran (older then 60) was Radomir Milojkovic

Milosavljevic-DimitrijevicYoung Stars: Marija Milosavljevic and Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

FM Boroljub Zlatanovic Tournament winner: FM Boroljub Zlatanovic

Radomir Milojkovic, Bone MilenkovicOrganizer Radomir Milojkovic and The Legend Miroslav Milenkovic Bone

Nebojsa Grujic-Blagoje Milenkovic
MK Dr Nebojsa Grujic vs. MK Blagoje Milenkovic

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