Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hastings International Chess Congress

The tournament with the longest tradition on the world was held on Dec 28th 2005 to Jan 6th 2006. Russian Vladimir Belov and Serbian Milos Pavlovic were leading the race but then lost some important games. GM Valerij Neverov from Ukraine eventually won the tournament while IM Vincent Colin made a great success by sharing 2nd place in this lineup.

Final standings:
1. GM Valerij Neverov (UKR 2569) 8 points out of 10 rounds
2-4. IM Vincent Colin (ENG 2376), GM Sergey Erenburg (ISR 2582) and GM Merab Gagunashvili (GEO 2542) 7,5
5-10. GM Vladimir Belov (RUS 2620), GM Piotr Bobras (POL 2563), GM Mark Hebden (ENG 2514), IM Watu Kobese (RSA 2400), GM MIlos Pavlovic (SCG 2507) and IM Simon Williams (ENG 2452) 7 points etc.

There were 104 participants.

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