Friday, February 10, 2006

What is this guy selling

While watching Corus broadcast on ICC earlier, I was randomly looking at titled players profiles. One note of IM Farid Abbasov from Azerbaijan drove my attention

7: I have a lot of fine chess programms: ChessAssistan7.1, Teory & practice of chess ending, Sicilian Defence, Chess tactics for intermediate players, Chess tactics for beginner , Total chess training (best for coaching) & some klassiks games (Botvinnik, Alekhin & Kapablanka). If u by 3 of them fourth is free.

Now I was curious if Farid is approved agent to sell this software or he just multiplies CD's to earn good money from piracy.

At that time, I sent an email asking if player's action is legal. Got no reply. Today I looked at his profile again, and note *7* is still there...

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