Thursday, May 04, 2006

36th super-tournament "Bosna 2006"

As written in the previous post, list of participants for the main double round robin tournament has been announced few months ago:
GM Vladimir Malakhov (RUS 2694)
GM Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu (ROM 2693)
GM Krishnan Sasikiran (IND 2670)
GM Arkadij Naiditsch (GER 2657)
GM Magnus Carlsen (NOR 2625)
GM Borki Predojevic (BIH 2553)

List for the "B" tournament is now official:
GM Bojan Kurajica (BIH 2548)
GM Adrian Mihalcisin (SLO 2534)
GM Milan Drasko (SCG 2504)
GM Emir Dizdarevic (BIH 2492)
IM Alojzije Jankovic (CRO 2516)
IM Danilo Milanovic (SCG 2513)
IM Ibro Saric (BIH 2476)
IM Ognjen Jovanic (CRO 2473)
IM Vitomir Arapovic (BIH 2411)
IM Dejan Stojanovski (MKD 2389)

IM Danilo Milanovic, popular "Dacha" had good performance at the recent Aeroflot tournament so SCG chess fans are hoping for the GM norm. GMs Drasko and Dizdarevic are well known drawers, so don't expect too much fire in their games.

Official website is now posted, you can search more info there.

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