Thursday, May 25, 2006

4th Round of Chess Olympiad

Men's section:
Russia outplayed "future superpower" China 3-1, thanks to Svidler and Grischuk. Uzbekistan surprised Ukraine with strong reistance, all games decided for 2-2. Armenia crushed Norway 4-0 (Carlsen and Agdestein should join the team for 6th round), India catches after beating Hungary 2.5-1.5 and USA won against Poland 3-1.

Serbia & Montenegro lost something that looked like winning match against Czech Republic. Dragan Kosic increased pressure through the game to win after nice combination but Robert Markus couldn't hold after bad played opening. Dusan Popovic struggled but couldn't achieve more then draw with black pieces. And then Nikola Sedlak, being exchange up after well played game, blundered Knight fork in calculation and suddenly his position fell apart.

Serbia & Montenegro - Czech Republic 1.5-2.5
GM Markus Robert 2585 - GM Navara David 2658 0-1
GM Sedlak Nikola 2564 - GM Laznicka Viktor 2551 0-1
GM Kosic Dragan 2482 - GM Kalod Radek 2495 1-0
IM Popovic Dusan 2496 - IM Cvek Robert 2503 ½-½

Women's section:
Even without Kostenyk, Russia beat Lithuania 3-0. Ukraine beat China 2-1 and USA won against Romania 2-1 with WGM Baginskaite Camilla to score decicive point.

Another dissapointing result for SCG ladies after Australia won 2-1.
Congrats TCG

Australia - Serbia & Montenegro 2-1
IM Berezina Irina 2281 - IM Maric Alisa 2415 ½-½
WIM Caoili Arianne 2169 - WGM Chelushkina Irina 2320 1-0
WIM Phan-Koshnitsky Ngan 2181 - WGM Benderac Ana 2293 ½-½

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The Closet Grandmaster said...

Goran -

Thanks matey!! Your women team is much stronger and our match victory can only be considered an upset. My good friend Caoili did very well to defeat your board 2. But I think Chelushkina was very cooperative at some moments during that game.