Monday, June 12, 2006

The Happy Talk Commandment

Some editors waged lonely struggles on behalf of readers kept in the dark as various USCF regimes buried mistakes and misdeeds in the pages of what they regarded as THEIR magazine. Too often editors were caught in the middle, lacking support and independence, serving at the pleasure of petty bureaucrats with agendas of their own.

A good example is what happened after Yasser Seirawan won the U.S. championship in 1986 and decided to run for USCF president. Editor Larry Parr was ordered to remove Yasser's picture from the cover of Chess Life. Parr told them to put the order in writing. They refused. Parr ran the cover in February 1987, as planned. He was axed about a year later but extracted a large settlement.

GM Larry Evans writes about the new "Chess Life" management.

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