Monday, June 19, 2006

Utrecht Open Chess Championship 2006

Chess club Paul Keres has organized the 33rd Utrecht Open Chess Championship on 16th-18th June. After 6 rounds GM Vyacheslav Ikonnikov and GM Slavko Cicak have tied for the first place with 5.5 points. A nice surprise is 3rd place tie by junior Thijs Laarhoven, ahead of many strong GMs. The same evening he found time to beat me in a 3 minute game on WCN. I'm wondering if Peter Doggers on 7th place is our fellow blogger?

Final standings:
1-2. Vyacheslav Ikonnikov 2593 and Slavko Cicak 2506 with 5.5/6
3-6. Paul Hommerson 2143, Thijs Laarhoven 2113, Erik van den Doel 2591 and Harmen Jonkman 2435 with 5.0/6
7-9. Sander van Eijk 2140, Igor Glek 2560 and Peter Doggers 2213 with 4.5/6 etc

There were 86 participants.

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doggy said...

Yes he is!

I put some videos on my blog with the results of board 1 & 2 of the last round.

Thijs said...

It's funny to google your own name every now and then :)

Yes, this tournament was a big surprise for me as well :) Unfortunately it was an incident and I never managed to get such great results in one tournament since.