Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"The Real Life of WCNers" - Bill Burton

Luiz Franz (Brazil) says: Bill pays his taxes, feeds his family and saves the rest of the money to buy a house in Iceland and become Bobby Fischer neighbor.

Luiz Franz (Brazil) says: Chess is his favorite hobby, and Bill's is the only player that uses the Swedish-Latvian Kraunus Olssen Reversed Rook and Knight Counter Gambit, tha usually means losing the Queen at the 4th move, being checkmated at the 12th and kicking the opponent under the table after that.
Luiz Franz (Brazil) says: But The Great Bill is a gentleman: when he faces a lower rated opponent Bill always gives him an advantage: "I will play this one with the left hand, ok?"

The rest of the log can be found on World Chess Network

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