Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Real Life of WCNers - IM Tom O’Donnell

Today we will show you the real life of a man that means cold sweat for every WCN member with less than 6 months in the house: the fearless and fearsome Tom O'Donnell.


Well, the good news is Tom is not as tough as you may think. That's just the image he built here in WCN, because the site needed a volunteer to play the scaring one in the good cop-bad cop game.
No matter what you do in the chat room, he will never send you for long vacations in Siberia.
But Baghdad is a possible destination and you can always lose your voice for a while.

Tom was the first man to go down the Niagara Falls in a barrel holding a chess board. And down there he had a brand new mate in 9 puzzle.

Tom O'Donnell was the first man to play blindfolded against 150 opponents and win all the games. Of course, the fact that those opponents were nursery kids is just a detail.

He sells Russian computers in Canada, and makes good money exporting Canadian weather to Saudi Arabian royalty.

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Anonymous said...

I worked with Tom at a chess camp in Madison,Miss,he is a very strong IM and the kids loved him.He's also a unique person.I hope you"ll be able to come back to Madison this summer Tom,it would be great to have you there again!....Coach Morris..