Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Real Life of WCNers - Phil Harris

Phil travels a lot to exotic places like Thailand, Fiji, Fargo, Maldives or Little Rock. And always returns with new recipes and new endgames theories. The recipes are usually good, Phil endgames still have problems. He introduced several chess items in The Sportsman's decoration, chess books, boards and pieces everywhere. Last time Elton John had dinner there he found a white pawn in his pork chop. It happens. David Beckham sat on a chess clock that was left on his chair.

And a couple of Irish discovered a black and a white King side by side in their soup. They complained a lot: "Illegal move! Illegal move!!!" But what can a decent restaurant do when the chef is crazy about chess?
You can read any of Phil's chess books at The Sportsman, and follow his evolution as a gourmet. At page 18 of Nimzowitch "My System" there is a clear stain of fried kidney. The same in page 27 and page 48 – right over the diagram. But at page 67 it is liver. And at page 164 things get better: that stain is from pork chops, and looks like they were decently spiced.

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