Monday, September 11, 2006

Memorial Bora Kostić

After 17 years of break, city of Vrsac will host 14th Memorial Bora Kostic. Main tournament will be held on September 12th-21st and participants are: Kamil Miton POL (2638), Oleg Korneev RUS (2638), Aleksander Delchev BUL (2637), Branko Damljanovic (2625), Ivan Ivanisevic (2596), Robert Markus (2586), Igor Miladinovic (2584), Kevin Spraggett CAN (2577), Dragan Solak (2564) and FM Slobodan Munizaba (2319). Open tournament will be held on September 13th-19th.

Bora Kostic was probably first chess globetrotter, going on a world chess tour which lasted from 11 November 1923 to 28 May 1926. From Wikipedia: "From 1923–1926, Kostic traveled all over the world, including Australia, the Far East, Africa, India and Siberia, demonstrating his exceptional skills, generating interest in chess and forging new links with people across the globe. He was undoubtedly a brilliant publicist and ambassador for the game, although this probably prevented him from realizing his full potential as a player." Read also his biography on

GM Ivan Ivanisevic won the tournament with 6.5/9! I'll try to get Ivan for the interview in the next couple of days.

Final standings:
1. GM Ivan Ivanisevic (SRB 2596) 6.5
2. GM Bartlomiej Macieja (POL 2613) 5.5
3-5. GM Kevin Spraggett (CAN 2577), GM Robert Markus (SRB 2586) and GM Igor Miladinovic (SRB 2584) 5.0
6-7. GM Branko Damljanovic (SRB 2625) and GM Aleksander Delchev (BUL 2637) 4.5
8-9. GM Dragan Solak (SRB 2564) and GM Oleg Korneev (RUS 2638) 4.0
10. FM Slobodan Munizaba (SRB 2319) 1.0

Interesting games

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