Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Season For SK Radnicki

Regional chess league is starting on Sunday September 24th. This is the lowest "concrete" league in Serbia. "Radnicki" Cuprija (Radnichki) will be playing against local teams from city of Jagodina (12km north) and nearby villages. I believe we have the strongest team but it still has to be proved on the field.

SK Radnicki lineup:
1. Dragan Gajovic MK
2. Vladan Ilic MK 2169, new member that has returned after several years of playing for SK Branicevo.
3. Goran Urosevic MK 2210
4. Miroslav Milenkovic MK, 73-years old and probably the best player in Cuprija. In the old days he was competing with GMs Gligoric, Matulovic, Sahovic, Janosevic, Velimirovic on the equal terms. Three years ago he played against IM Slavisa Marinkovic and brought him into such a zugzwang that IM simply let his clock run out. For the last 10 years Miroslav is saying "this is my last league" but we always persuade him "we desperately need you, just play this time and won't bother you ever again"
5. Uros Cvetanovic MK, only 11-years old, he was two times U10 Serbian champion. He returned to his base in Radnicki, great news for all club members.
6. Dragan Novakovic I cat, coach of Uros Cvetanovic
7. Goran Gajic
8. Vladan Stanisavljevic, chairman of the club
9. Sasha Gmitrovic
10. Dejan Pantic

Women board:
Ana Milovanovic

1. Aleksandar Dimitrijevic II cat, 12-years old
2. Andrija Novakovic, 8-years old son of Dragan Novakovic

Uros Cvetanovic (blue shirt)

Aleksandar Dimitrijevic (white pieces)

Good luck team!

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