Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Real Life of WCNers - Goran Urosevic

WCN History Division proudly presents:
"The Real Life of WCNers", a series of biographies of our beloved gold members.

by Luiz Franz

Today we will show you the real life of Goran Urosevic – you know who he is, that admin, remember?


Serbia has this weird thing: 47.8% of the men are named Goran, 47.3% are Dragan and those 4.9% that left are divided between Bora, Miroslav and – surprisingly – Winston Charles and Joachin Ernest.
Well, our hero was born in Serbia, one more proud Goran. The Urosevic one.
One? Not really: only in Belgrade phone list you can find 75,976 Urosevic, G.
To make things easier we will call him "Our Goran", or "The WCN Goran". Is that good for you?

Since he was 4 our Goran feels uncomfortable with this name stuff. In his first year of school there were 17 Gorans in his class. Our hero arrived in School, said "Hi, Goran!" and 16 other boys answered "Hi, Goran!". Every single day.
Man, that can cause a serious identity crisis in a young boy.

So, at the age of 7 the WCN Goran decided he had to excel, to be top in something in order to be known as himself and not only one more Goran.
He always liked those mysterious 64 squares, so he decided to be great in chess.
Great idea, no? Tough to say: there are 25,324 Urosevic, G. registered in Serbian Chess Federation.

But our Goran is really good in chess, that made the difference. He was able to excel. He won every junior championship in Serbia and also some in Angola and Botswana.

A great champion in chess, dominoes and dwarf throwing. And then he started his huge collection of records:
WCN Goran was the first chess player to eat 15 hot dogs in less than 2 minutes.
The first and only to beat Fritz in less than 20 moves. But don't forget: Fritz, in this case, is Goran's cat.
The first chess player to face a trained monkey blindfolded.
Of course the match had to be called off because the monkey hated the blindfold.
He was the first high level chess player to play against the statues of Easter Island. Great match, that finished in a draw.
The first Serbian player to cross the English Channel in a rubber duck.
He also played The Sphinx, in Cairo, with a great show of lights, chess and music– of course Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma…
But The Sphinx didn´t reply to any of Goran´s moves…..

Yeah, Goran is a show player. He never forgets that night when he played 15 cheerleaders in the half time of a Super Bowl. The only problem is that the crowd was expecting a Madonna show…
Or that day David Cooperfield made him disappear when WCN Goran was 2 moves from a spectacular mate… Next second our Goran saw himself dressed like Barbra Streisand in a corn field near Barranquilla, Colombia. Weird experience.

WCN Goran was a pioneer in writing chess books for beginners in a style even young kids could understand. His massive 650 pages book on The Fool's Mate is a good example. More than 23,000 kids read it and now, years later, still try The Fool's in every game, with no success.

Our Goran has lots of interesting chess experiences to tell, but now all he wants is a normal life. He is a regular person, just like you and me: loves curling – "the best and most exciting sport ever", he says - enjoys his vacations in Sudan, reads a lot (specially annual reports from auto-parts makers and pharmaceutical companies) and only wear purple clothes.

He is looking for a great girl, with a great bank account, to become his wife and partner. Beauty is not demanded, but the financial data will be checked.

When he is not here, our Goran is taking care of his blog, where you can see him in a pic that demanded 87 hours of Photo Shop hard work. And he is still not very nice…
The blog is focused in chess, and posted every one of the previous bios from this series.
This one will be posted too?


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