Monday, September 25, 2006

Regional League, Round 1

New season has started on Sept 24th and already problems for SK Radnicki. We were scheduled to visit SK Postar in Jagodina but 5 out of 10 senior players had to cancel attendance. This made us resign on 1st board without playing. The team played well to gain the 4-2 lead and equal positions in the last two games. Unfortunately, Dr Gajic and Vlada Stanisavljevic have both lost for the final score of 4-4. Postar is direct competitor for promotion and we missed this big chance to make a margin.

Radnicki - Postar 4-4
1. MK Dragan Gajovic 0-1*
2. MK Vladan Ilic 1-0
3. MK Goran Urosevic 1-0
4. Dejan Pantic 1-0
5. Goran Gajic 0-1
6. Vlada Stanisavljevic 0-1
7. Ana Milovanovic 0-1
8. Aleksandar Dimitrijevic 1-0*

Dejan Pantic - Tomislav Glisic

Black has problems with his central pawns. If 1...Qd6, white has 2.d4 and if 1...Qf7 2.Ng5 and next 3.Qd5 is check. Glisic tried with 1...Rf3 2.gf3 Qd3 3.Rad1 Qf3 4.Rd5 but he was forced to resign here.

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