Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dallas vs. Belgrade

Famous chess team of University of Texas in Dallas has accepted to play 16-board match via video conference against Belgrade University. Match will be played over ICC on October 20th. Belgrade students will be located in Amphitheater "A" of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering which can accept 700 people in the audience. Dallas students will be playing from The Davidson Auditorium of the UTD School of Management. Grandmasters and other titled players will provide commentary for viewers over the interactive demonstration boards.

This event is being organized in memory of great USA-SFRJ telegraph match back in 1950. Some of the original participants will be present during this match: GM Svetozar Gligoric, GM Borislav Ivkov, WGM Vera Nedeljkovic, IM Srecko Nedeljkovic and IM Nikola Karaklajic.

For all fans interested in following this match, ICC will provide 2-weeks of free membership. Simply email with your preferred username and notification that you want to watch these games.

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