Saturday, October 14, 2006

GM Slugfest Tournament

GM Slugfest Tournament will be held on October 13th-15th in Seattle. Organizer Clint Ballard wants to promote BAP scoring system to discourage draws. Scoring system: Black wins = 3 points; White wins = 2 points; Black draw = 1 point; White draw = 0 points; any loss = 0 points. Some of the games can be seen live on ICC.

Participants (USCF ratings):
GM Victor Mikhalevski 2670, GM Varuzhan Akobian 2654, GM Alexander Shabalov 2650, GM Julio Becerra 2605, GM Lubomir Ftacnik 2600, GM Greg Serper 2574, IM Josh Friedel 2530, IM Eric Tangborn 2475, IM David Pruess 2461, John Readey 2326, Jonathan Berry 2284, Nat Koons 2283, Ignacio Peres 2241 and Andy May 1952

Official website
Article in The Seattle Times

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