Thursday, October 19, 2006

Horrible Night

I was just preparing to go to bed at 3:45 when I heard the sound like someone is throwing hand-grenades on the street. I looked at the window but the street was empty. The sound was repeating every 30-60 secs and I went outside to see what's happening. The sky on the south from the direction of Paracin was burning. Suddenly, huge detonation throws me on the wall and two of my windows were broken. Detonations continued every second and I had no idea what's happening. During Nato bombing I knew there were airplanes but this looked much worse. Phone lines were established 30 mins later and my friend called to say that munitions storage between Paracin and Cuprija exploded. Tonight I heard on news that storage had 3500 tons of explosive material (Hiroshima bomb had power of 15000 tons). Cuprija and Paracin are covered with broken glass and gunpowder, all of my windows on south side are broken. Detonations are still ongoing, no one can come near the site in next 3 days. 11 people in Paracin and 12 in Cuprija are injured.

B92 report (english)

Video taken in Paracin at 6am

Photos by Sasa Dimitrijevic,


pawntorook4 said...

Stay Safe.

Estavisti said...

It's good to know you're OK man.

doggy said...

Must have been horrible indeed! Good you're okay.

Anonymous said...

Incredible video. Glad you're not injured.

On a lighter note... Jim Nix would say "boom"!

-Seth Xoma

Milan Lee said...

It was like IM Nix playing a simul

Michiel said...

Good luck, hope you sleep well.