Friday, October 27, 2006

WCN Dictionary

Paint hasn't gone dry on my previous post and Luiz Franz turns up with another masterpiece - 1st WCN Dictionary! The dictionary has been posted on WorldChessNetwork forum, more items are expected to be added. For the blog, couple of excerpts...

Starting off with the expressions that are familiar for all internet chess players:

Internet Chess – Excellent opportunity to make 12 new friends and 8650 enemies that want to eat your liver
Opening – First moves of a chess game, also known as "the moments when my loss was designed"
Lag – The space of time between your move and the instant your opponent starts insulting you
Lagger – Of course you're not
Your Info - What, my gold membership is almost over again?
Mid Game - Did you arrive there? Congratulations!
Lucky – If you win a game, that's what your opponent will call you
Robert Fischer – Mythological chess player that people expect to arrive on WCN every Halloween Day
Standard Chess – A perfect opportunity to see how a chess program can beat you easily
Tourney – Something you register for and wait and wait and nothing happens
Time Win – A cheap victory that is not cheap for your ego
Game History - A record of your games that shows how pathetic you are
Gambit – Excuse for a blunder
Chat Room – A space for nice and light conversations about gardening and Paris Hilton
Rating – A chess skills measurement system created to show you how bad you are

Now the personal refferances. You gotta know these people to understand what Luiz had on his mind:

Goran – A famous brand of Serbian dishwashers
Urosevic – Another brand of Serbian dishwashers
Stamenkovic – Serbian word meaning "I lost my wallet again"
Spiro Sclavos – Ancient ruins in Mikonos Island, Greece, dated from 1650 BC. More than 12 millions people visit those useless old stones every year
Phil Harris – A very famous English chef. You may ask for a free copy of his latest book on Mediterranean cuisine in WCN – Features – Phil's Book
PJ Ingram – The last man alive that drank vodka with Trotsky in Berlin, 1911
Roberto Gaspar – A fictional character created by Herman Melville in 1788
Jim Nix – Title used in WCN for very good players. If you get a good rating you will be promoted to Jim Nix
Carla - Checkmate lady from your nightmares
Average WCN Player – A vice-president of the 3rd greater Madonna Fan Club
Bogdan - Romanian name for God Apolon

And couple of general expressions:

1 Min Marathon – A long tourney of bullet games. After the 11th game you can't find your mouse, after the 18th you start making backgammon moves
Kon – Slang for a long list containing more than 1349 excuses for losing a game of chess. You can consult Kon for a good excuse hitting the Help button. (See Oh, Plz!)
Dragon – Slang for a confuse game of chess, where no player has idea of what's happening
Yugoslavia – A nation that exists only in WCN
Zugzwang – German word that means "Waiter, this fish is not fresh"
Idiot – Yes, people will say that about you
PAM - One heck of an addictive lady! Horrible withdraw symptoms if regular fix is interrupted
SC – Acronym for Automobiles de Belgique. Yes, I know these words don't start with S and C, and that's what makes this acronym so interesting

For couple of more

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