Sunday, November 26, 2006

Karpov about Kramnik vs Deep Fritz

Vladimir Kozin from "Komsomolskaja Pravda" conducted an interview with Anatoly Karpov. Most of the questions were about incoming Kramnik vs Deep Fritz match. Here are some excerpts:

Q: The chess player is doomed?

A: To give the human any chance, it is necessary to provide even conditions. The chess player should also have access to the database. Meaning, it is necessary to help the human.

Q: Will that be enough?

A: Certainly not. Today the person and the machine play with the identical time control. And it is necessary to allow chess player to play with time handicap. Ratio such is 2.15 on 1.40 (hours). It is necessary to struggle for better conditions. But nobody, besides myself, is talking about this. Big money is at the stake and the companies that produce such powerful programs will not be happy with giving human a chance.

Q: By the way, there is an issue of a so-called "computer doping". One year ago Veselin Topalov was accused of using database and program during World Championship Tournaments. In the reply he had notorious accusations against Vladimir Kramnik during the unifying match in Elista. The problem is not far-fetched?

A: No. There are dirty chess players who use good programs. Why counting variations behind the board when it is possible to receive help in few seconds.

Q: And what to do?

A: To punish strictly. As it was, for example, recently made in Germany. One German chess player was convicted for swindle. Even started criminal case.

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