Sunday, November 12, 2006

WCN Team Championships

After one month of preparation, WCN Team Championship has started yesterday. The response was massive and manager Lena Brusilovski has full hands to organize matches for 26 teams and 190 players. Games are being played every other week, Saturday at 15 est or Sunday 11 est.

Some lineups are very strong, 1 GM, 3 IMs and 4 FMs are registered.

I am playing for The Butchers, team made of IM Miodrag Perunovic's students (The Butcher is his nickname): Miodrag Perunovic, Goran Urosevic, Sebastien Velon, Bogdan Girmacea, Bostjan Benko, Francois Chevalier and Erasmus Flattery.

The Butchers B: Steven Fuchs, Magnus Sigurdsson, Julio Gonzalez, Jeremiah Mullen, Michel Cloutier, Jay Weare, Daniel Pregent and Thinker.

Tournament rules, lineups and crosstables

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Vlad said...

YOU guys are GOING DOWN!