Monday, December 25, 2006

We did not accuse

With my modest knowledge of Russian, I have tried to translate parts of the today's interview "We did not accuse Kramnik of fraud" with Silvio Danailov:

Q: The interview with Topalov was real? Or was it just imagination of Spanish journalist?
A: The interview was not on the paper. And things that appear on the internet shouldn't be taken seriously. The text, in the version that was posted on the internet, Topalov never saw with his eyes. That's all I have to say.

Q: The 3rd Mtel Masters will be held as usual? Who will play in 2007?
A: Yes, the tournament will be held on 9th-20th May. We have confirmed participation of Topalov, Radjabov and Kamsky. We want to invite Anand and Ivanchuk as well, and for the 6th player, we will see.

Q: Kramnik won't be invited?
A: Well, if Kramnik's manager says that they won't talk or greet us, then why wasting our time? But we will see.

Q: Has the attitude of Bulgarian public towards Topalov changed after he lost his title?
A: Everyone in Bulgaria support us. All parties, prime minister and president are with us. All Bulgaria is proud of Veselin Topalov and even if he lost, everyone knows, that we did everything to protect honor of Bulgaria.

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