Thursday, January 04, 2007

5th Christmas Tournament "Nole 2007"

Chess club "Radnicki" from Cuprija has organized the 5th Christmas tournament for juniors born 1991 and later. Orthodox Christmas is on January 7th and tournament is always being played on January 4th. We had 20 participants from Nis, Jagodina, Paracin, Petrovac, Cuprija, Supska and Vojska.

Nemanja Zivkovic, multiple Serbian U12 and U14 champion, won this tournament for the 3rd consecutive time. Uros Cvetanovic, former Serbian U10 champion, took the clear 2nd place, while Aleksandar "Scientist" Stanojevic finished 3rd.

Final standings:
1. Nemanja Zivkovic (Nis) 8.0/9
2. Uros Cvetanovic (Cuprija) 7.0
3. Aleksandar Stanojevic (Nis) 6.5
4-5. Leon Dragojevic (Petrovac) and Milica Milosavljevic (Supska) 6.0
6-8. Aleksandar Milosevic (Jagodina), Marija Milosavljevic (Supska) and Stefan Mladenovic (Nis) 5.0 etc

For the first time I'm trying to upload a short video to YouTube. The quality is not the best, but I hope you can catch up some of the reactions (eyes, mouth) of Nemanja Zivkovic (while) when he lost the exchange against Stefan Brankovic (black). Eventually, Nemanja won the game because his solid but inexperienced opponent (this was only his 2nd tournament) made a couple of mistakes.

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