Monday, January 08, 2007

Karpov: I was rooting for Kramnik

Anatoly Karpov gave short interview after the ceremony of signing contract with chess club "Sveti Nikolaj" in Valjevo.

Q: What is quality of chess today?

A: Europe is doing pretty well, after short turning-point. India and China have joined the world's top while Vietnam is showing huge progress, particularly with female players. Chess is gaining in popularity in South America, last month I was in Brasil and seen it with my own eyes. At the same time, North America in going through crisis, if there wasn't Kamski's return, we would have nothing to talk about.

This is very important moment because, I believe, a serious mistake was made while creating this World Championship cycle and organizing Mexico final. There is only one spot for the two world's best players.

Q: Kramnik or Topalov, does this look like previous Karpov-Kasparov rivalry?

A: I was rooting for Kramnik, not because he is Russian, but because his chess vision and attitude as World Champion are supporting popularisation and growth of chess. If Topalov had won, we would have same values as with Kasparov, where money is killing basic chess principles.

Q: Two years ago there was an option for Karpov-Fischer match?

A: Bobby has invented new variation of chess and I doubt he will return to play matches in classical chess.

Source: "Blic"

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