Saturday, January 13, 2007

The party is over

For quite some time I felt I was losing inspiration to post. Before the quality drops (if existed), I'm closing the blog. Thank you everyone for visiting. Live long and prosper.

Feb 22nd Update: My friend Milan Stefanovic, better known as Lee, will take over posting. Have fun.



Michael Goeller said...

Goran --
All great blogs come to an end, and we will be sorry to see you go. I'm sure you will find lots to occupy your newly free time.... :-)

Adrian Petrescu said...

This is so ironic -- I had literally discovered this blog for the first time about TEN MINUTES before you posted this =/ I was so happy, too, that I'd found such a great news source.

Ah, well, such is life. I'm sure you have very good reasons :) Thank you, at least, for the work you put into it, even though I only know realized it existed.

Good luck!
--Adrian Petrescu

DG said...

Goran - I will certainly miss you. While we of course never actually met in person, I consider you one of true friends I made through chess blogging. I have greatly appreciated your support over the past few years. Stay in touch.


Tom Chivers said...

Oh dear. Sorry to read that.

Goran said...

Mike, I will stay deeply involved with chess. Just needed a new challenge.

Adrian, there are plenty of great news resources. You won't miss much :)

DG, likewise. I will be present as regular reader of the blogs left on the sidebar.

Tom, best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Goran, thanks for all the blogging. I will miss it, but understand the burnout. When I discovered this site a few months ago, I tried never to miss a day visiting here.

See you on WCN!

-NM Seth Xoma

Vlad said...

this better be because of some great looking sexy girl!!!


lisa said...
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Phil Harris said...

Hi Goran,
sorry to hear this news.
Being terribly lazy myself, I cannot imagine having the energy required to do something like this.
Always enjoyed reading your posts, and as Lisa above said, it's nice to get a fresh angle sometimes.
Sorry I didn't contribute more...

Anonymous said...

hey Goran,I'm sad to see this blog end. I will try to renew my WCN membership soon. Bye
--- Ilan Meerovich