Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pascal Charbonneau vs Larry Christiansen

Great news for WorldChessNetwork members - GM Pascal Charbonneau is back to participate in events. We have heard him helping IM Irina Krush during the live audio broadcasts but this time he will be alone in front of the screen.

Events scheduled for Friday, 12th January:
15:00(pdt)/18:00(est) - Audio lecture by GM Larry Christiansen
16:00(pdt)/19:00(est) - Audio Master Challenge by GM Pascal Charbonneau
17:00(pdt)/20:00(est) - TGIF Battle Pascal Charbonneau vs Larry Christiansen

The match will be particularly interesting after their recent encounters in US Chess League, see We don't care about no stinkin' ratings and Oy Canada! Friday is Gold for a Day on WCN, when all members, including guests, have full access to all features.

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