Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fischer is banned word?

Chess Classic Mainz 2007 is conspicuously using Chess960 as name of the variant we know better as Fischer Random chess. Perhaps it has something to do with branding, as they boast about hosting Chess960 FiNet World Championship, which is nothing more than strong lineup.

Even ICC, enjoying regular "Fischer is genius" vs "Fischer is lunatic" arguments during its live broadcasts, says Chess 960 Internet Championship 2007.

First official Fischer Random event was match between young Peter Leko and GM Stanimir Nikolic in Kanjiza.


Chessbuff said...

It seems that accepting the game comes much easier than accepting its creator. I can see Mr. Fischer grinding his teeth at the very likelihood that his concept will ultimately be known as Chess 960 and his name relegated to an asterisk.

Anonymous said...

No way is it going to be known in the long run as Chess960. Perhaps only after Bobby dies will his name will be permanently attached to this variant. Otherwise, he'll demand royalties or something. He is a lunatic genius, after all.

Tom Chivers said...

I think "Chess 960" has a better ring to it than "Fischer Random Chess".