Friday, August 03, 2007

Mexico City WCC PR

Two months ago I wrote how awful is 2007 World Championship website. I was also complaining that "emails I have sent to Director de Operaciones and Press department are left without reply". Update.

Empty Promises was posted on May 24, I said they didn't reply to my email sent two days earlier. Well, Jorge Quintanilla, Public Relations and Media Manager, replied on June 21, accepting to answer my questions and recommending to register for their newsletter. I waited for few days, maybe it's normal in Mexico, and sent questions back on June 27. No reply to date, guess I'm not that big fish.

Nothing new about the website, it still sux. But I finally received (July 16) "First Newsletter from Chessmexico" which says: "Our most recent monthly visitors' count of reached one million." Probably another million run away screaming. The newsletter featured "In his first contribution to Chessmexico, Rumanian G.M. Mihail Marin makes an extensive and deep analysis of Levon Aronian, one of the main favorites to take the Championship in September". 17 days later, I'm still waiting for the 2nd player profile. At this pace, they might finish the preview right on time for Christmas.

World Chess Championship Mexico 2007


Anonymous said...

Fantastic one, goes into my bookmarks

prof said...

bonjour Hello
i search email of GM as Kasparov
can you help me?
you can put your info on chess of
a bientot

Anonymous said...

The site is a joke.

The first page is always spanish and dont have links to an english version.

Now the countdown to the start is in negative values.

The news are empty (today 12/09!!). No news following the players in the last months!

The time is not shown in GMT, there is no pictures, and today in the chessbase pictorial report they are still without chessboard and tables in the stage.

Dont mention the aloud sound of someone in spanish every time you access the site.

I hope there will be other sites to cover the whole event, because the official site is a bad joke.