Friday, September 07, 2007

15th Internacional Ciudad de Albacete

The tournament was held on 2-7 September in Hotel Universidad de Albacete, Spain. Russian GM Vladimir Burmakin won his 2nd tournament this month. There were 108 participants, first prize was 1800 Euros.

The standings:
1. GM Burmakin Vladimir (RUS 2581) 8.0
2-4. FM Perez Mitjans Orelvis (CUB 2412), GM Movsziszian Karen (ARM 2534) and GM Hernandez Carmenates Holden (CUB 2544) 7.0
5-9. GM Lazarev Vladimir (RUS 2498), IM Minzer Claudio Javier (ARG 2410), IM Vassallo Mauricio (ESP 2387), IM Guliev Logman (AZE 2454) and Llavador Moron Juan Jose (ESP 2194) 6.5
10-20. GM Khamrakulov Ibragim S (ESP 2592), GM Babaev Rashad (AZE 2488), FM Vitor Antonio (POR 2373), IM Castellanos Rodriguez Renier (CHI 2471), GM Rivas Pastor Manuel (ESP 2510), FM Valmana Canto Jaime (ESP 2346), Picazo Lopez Juan Antonio (ESP 2198), Fernandez Barrera Victor (ESP 2204), IM Granero Roca Antonio (ESP 2348), IM Saldano Horacio (ESP 2451) and IM Guerra Bastida Diego (ESP 2370) 6.0 etc

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