Sunday, September 02, 2007

Beauty Chess

Serbian team championship ended yesterday at Zlatibor and Radnicki from Rudovci won women's premier league. A couple of motivating photos.

Sandra DjukicSandra Djukic earned WGM norm

WGM Maria VelchevaWGM Maria Velcheva

Lena MiladinovicLena Miladinovic

WFM Marija UrosevicWFM Marija Urosevic

IM Anna UsheninaIM Anna Ushenina

WFM Ljilja DrljevicWFM Ljilja Drljevic

IM Inna GaponenkoIM Inna Gaponenko

WIM Andjelija StojanovicWIM Andjelija Stojanovic

Thanks to Serbia Chess Federation and Chessdom Index


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Velcheva is cute.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Velcheva is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Flowers exist because they are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

She is not only beautiful. She is an exceptional player. Have a look at her game:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

She is a doll.