Saturday, September 22, 2007

Serbian Championship - Final Match

Serbian Chess Championship, which took place back in March, ended in a three-way tie. Serbian Chess Federation and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are organizing final match to determinate single champion for year 2007.

The event is taking place on 21-23 September with the slightly faster time control. Two games are being played every day, prize fund is 1500 Euros.

Update: Milos Perunovic won the tiebreaks and Serbian Championship. Congratulations!

September 21st:

GM Branko Damljanovic - GM Mihajlo Stojanovic 0.5-1.5

GM Branko Damljanovic - GM Mihajlo Stojanovic

September 22nd:
GM Milos Perunovic - GM Branko Damljanovic 1.5-0.5

September 23rd:
GM Mihajlo Stojanovic - GM Milos Perunovic 0-2

Mihajlo Stojanovic, Milos Perunovic, Branko DamljanovicStojanovic, Perunovic and Damljanovic

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