Monday, October 08, 2007


Message from Thibault:

FICGS is a fast-growing organization, player community and an international correspondence chess server. Here you can play chess online for free in rated class tournaments, two players matches and a unique correspondence chess world championship in a big knockout tournament. The winner will play current world champion in a 12 games match.

We also organize special events, thematic chess tournaments, chess 960, big chess, and tournaments with money prizes.

At last on FICGS, you can play Go tournaments and world championship. Because Go will become the last game where computers supremacy won't be, at least before decades. Play this fascinating and complex game on FICGS.

Among features offered by FICGS :

- Games : Go, Chess, Chess 960, Big Chess.
- Instant tournament registration, automatic tournament creation.
- Rated class standard and rapid chess tournaments.
- Special tournaments and events, Go tournaments.
- Money tournaments (2 players matchs, standard, blitz and thematic).
- Real time countdown in seconds.
- SSL encryption forms and other security features.
- Wikichess, the open chess repertoire project.
- Open Chess and Go encyclopedia. Forum, blog and chat.
- Graphical interface available for each game (see Help).
- Email notification (own and / or opponent's moves).
- Vacation ( 30 days per year), maximum accumulated time for each game.
- Player statistics, future chess rating calculation in real time. Rating
- Different appearances of the game board, multi-language interface.
- Live games (rss available), full database available for all members.
- Chess rating calculation every two months, Go rating calculation in real
- Move entry by clicking on pieces and destination fields, or plain text
- Vote for the best games played on the server.

... and many other features !

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