Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vados Cup

The 2nd International Rapid Chess Open is ongoing in Arad, Romania. This event is organized by Vados Chess Club Arad, with the support of Arad City Hall, Arad Cultural County Centre, DSJ Arad County and Arad County Chess Association and is part of the greater Romanian Grand Prix 2007. Playing system is swiss with 25 minutes per player per game, prize fund is 2100 Euros with Grandmasters being provided special conditions. All the prizes are neto (tax free), guaranteed, not cumulative and will be divided according to the Hort system.

Top players: GM Constantin Lupulescu 2562, GM Marius Manolache 2513, IM Catalin Ardelean 2494, IM Spas Kozhuharov BUL 2463, IM Grigor Grigorov BUL 2452, IM Andrei Cioara 2428, IM Mihai Grunberg 2427, IM Alin Ardeleanu 2412, IM Dan Bogdan 2412, IM Alexandru Butunoi 2403 etc.
50 participants in total.

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