Monday, December 24, 2007

International Open Championship of Croatia

International Open Championship of Croatia was held on 16-22 December in Petrcane, near Zadar. 50 players from Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia took participation. Serbian delegation dominated through the event, but Bulgarian GM Aleksander Delchev managed to capture the trophy on better Bucholz coefficient. GM Hrvoje Stević, GM Ognjen Cvitan, GM Alojzije Janković and IM Saša Režan have qualified for the 2008 Croatia individual championship.

1-2. GM Aleksander Delchev 2613 BUL and GM Nikola Sedlak 2605 SRB - 6.5
3-8. GM Aleksandar Kovačević 2554 SRB, GM Igor Miladinović 2603 SRB, GM Hrvoje Stević 2531 CRO, GM Robert Zelčić 2578 CRO, GM Ognjen Cvitan 2543 CRO and GM Alojzije Janković 2548 CRO - 6
9-15. IM Saša Režan 2398 CRO, Radoslav Dimitrov 2332 BUL, GM Nenad Ferčec 2487 CRO, FM Saša Martinović 2362 CRO, GM Ognjen Jovanić 2492 CRO, GM Mladen Palac 2567 CRO, IM Ivan Šarić 2466 CRO - 5.5 etc

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