Friday, January 18, 2008


Mr Stan Oleynick sent us introduction of the new website - CrowdChess

CrowdChess is a radically new chess concept where thousands of people play together against each other, creating the ultimate "wisdom of crowds" battlefield and with that a platform that pushes the boundaries of human intelligence.

It is a platform to see what happens when thousands of people from all over the world, with diverse ethnical, cultural and educational backgrounds, of different age and social status, have a common goal in mind and are working in tandem on solving the same problem together and outsmarting and outmaneuvering their opponents. Whose strategy and vision is superior, is the ultimate question.

We plan to organize CrowdChess leagues in heavy chess playing countries such as Russia, India, China, Germany, England, etc and then organize world championships where country vs. country plays for a CrowdChess world championship or when top players and/or champions play against a super computer (let's see who is smarter then... ;) so this idea hopefully has a lot of potential and will be a success. We also plan to organize a grandmaster vs. the world game in the near future so this should be an interesting game too!!


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