Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Dunderhand Gambit

The title is my pick between a number of names attributed to the yet another chess scandal. Ivan Cheparinov refused to shake hands with Nigel Short before their 8th round game in Corus. Apparently, there is some history between Short and Topalov team.

Video of the incident is breaking all records on YouTube, earning no less than 10 honors so far.

This issue is partly related to Anna Rudolf case. FIDE should finally come out with clear rules.

Read more about the incident on Chessbase, Chessdom and Chessvibes.


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Chess Teaching said...

Also interesting is the Corus chess site itself (http://www.coruschess.com) on which the game that has to be replayed the day after is commented:
.... but Short managed to consolidate, and won a long endgame up the exchange. According to Short, the two shook hands after the game too.