Monday, April 14, 2008

GM Dusan Popovic in a game of his life

25-year old Dušan Popović, chess Olympic player and state team member, today plays the most important game in his life, GAME FOR HIS LIFE, and only with your help the result will be in his advantage!

Departure of this chess player, who is in top 10 chess players in Serbia, to the European Championship has been unexpectedly canceled due to the cruel game of destiny when both his kidneys stopped working in the middle of March. His health situation is also difficult because of his blood group 0 -, which is the reason why none of the family members could not be the organ donor.

Yet, there is a solution. That's transplantation from unknown donor, which should be performed in Russia. For this operation, financial assets in amount of 70.000 € should be provided.

We ask you to be part of team which will enable Dušan successful continuation of life by making a payment to one of the following accounts:

• Foreign currency account of Komercijalna Banka with codes:


IBAN code: RS35205200122725837328

• Serbian dinar (RSD) account of Komercijalna Banka


No : 205-1001525128000-14

Dušan Popović was born in Sombor on 28th February 1983. He is a forth year student of Economics Faculty in Novi Sad. Dušan is multiple cadet chess winner of Yugoslavia. He is one of the youngest Olympic players who made forth best result on his table in Olympic Games in Torino 2006. The same year World Chess Federation officially recognised Dušan as grand master (which is the highest title in chess). At the beginning of 2008, Dušan won the first prize in highly competitive international tournament in Bizovac, Croatia.

We expect that the best Dušan's results are yet to come in the future, and the first one is successful end of health crisis.

From Serbia Chess Federation

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