Monday, May 05, 2008

Chess and nationalism

We all know how Armenian and Azeri journalists tend to use chess to "claim victories" over each other. Here enters Macedonia/FYROM:

At the European Chess Championship in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Macedonian chess players continued their dominance over our southern neighbour.

International master Vanco Stamenkov and Fide Master Dejan Dinev beat Konstantinos Kokolijas and Efstratios Fradatis of Greece, thus continuing Macedonian chess dominance over the southern neighbor for 17 years and counting. Superb chess was also displayed by Stojanoski, who with black figures defeated Romanian Fide Master Tiberiu Gorgesku.

Greece has a lot to learn in order for it to have a chance against Macedonia in this Antic Sport.

From MINA agency

Now those games between lower rated players do have factual results, but this hardly supports the claim from the title "Macedonian chess players dominate (Greece)". Anyone who actually follows the game and news, as this "journalist" is obviously clueless, knows that Greek chess community is slightly better organized, to put it mildly. See FIDE country ranks.

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