Monday, June 02, 2008

CrowdChess Featured in Wall Street Journal Blog

Are amateurs collectively wiser than a single expert? That’s the question the Web site CrowdChess is trying to answer.

The book The Wisdom of Crowds promoted the idea that large groups are often able to make better decisions than experienced professionals. Over the last few years, that idea has been adopted as conventional wisdom: Some businesses have "crowd sourced" projects to communities; Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, grew from this notion.

To put the wisdom of crowds to the test, Stan Oleynick, the founder of CrowdChess, recruited Gawain Jones, a grandmaster from England, to play against the collective intelligence of his site’s visitors. "Chess is the ultimate game of strategy and foresight," and thus is a good test of crowd theory, Oleynick tells the Business Technology Blog.

Read the article by Ben Worthen

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