Saturday, June 14, 2008

The First Fischer Random Clock

Message from Albert Vasse, CEO of DGT Projects

DGT960 digital is the first chess clock that automatically and at random will generate 960 starting positions. The display shows symbols indicating in which position the pieces have to be placed on the board. It brings many chess-lovers back to the chessboard. The aspect of having a lead through knowledge of theory about chess opening moves sequences makes way for creative thinking.
This idea of former World champion Bobby Fischer, who recently passed away, has been the most important improvement in chess since 500 years. This chess clock is a gadget that every chess player would wish to have.

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Glenn Wilson said...

Cool clock. I have not played much Fischer random chess but perhaps I should. Either that or I should study openings more. :(

If you think it appropriate I'd appreciate a link to my chess blog Houston Chess where I've been blogging about Chess in Houston (and the world) since 2003. Also, please consider checking out and linking to ChessFlash -- a new Flash Based Chess Viewer than can be embedded in blogs. Maybe it is even newsworthy?

Anonymous said...

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