Friday, November 28, 2008

FIDE Messing Again

Just as about everyone thought, back in March or April, that FIDE was coming up with a logical and long-term world championship cycle, Ilyumzhinov and company are starting to mess around again. Apparently, all this as a consequence of moving Grand Prix from Doha to the only urgent solution at disposal - Elista.

Ok, so Global Chess screwed it by relying on verbal promises from Qatar, without a signed paper, but is this a reason for yet another FIDE bomb? Perhaps this new solution might even work better, we all cried out for candidates matches/tournament and final world championship match. But the frequent turmoils are hurting the credibility of FIDE, if there was anything left of it. The top players are naturally outraged. How can they trust the governing body if there is no consistency and transparency?

And what about the Global Chess? It is now a private company owned by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and his friend David Kaplan, new FIDE CEO Development. What are they doing and who is controlling them? Where are the marketing effects and new sponsors?

Then, what about the Qatar Chess Association? Their official Khalifa Mohammed Al-Hitmi is FIDE Vice President. What are the consequences for causing this earthquake?

Most likely, nothing will happen and chess politicians will continue with their circus.

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