Saturday, January 03, 2009

January 2009 Rating List

Veselin Topalov is top player on the latest FIDE Rating list in spite of being robbed of for points from Nanjing Pearl Spring. This tournament, finished on 22nd December, was not included in the list, but Elista Grand Prix is, although it ended six days later.

Top 10:
1. Topalov Veselin BUL 2796
2. Anand Viswanathan IND 2791
3. Ivanchuk Vassily UKR 2779
4. Carlsen Magnus NOR 2776
5. Morozevich Alexander RUS 2771
6. Radjabov Teimour AZE 2761
7. Jakovenko Dmitry RUS 2760
8. Kramnik Vladimir RUS 2759
9. Leko Peter HUN 2751
10. Movsesian Sergei SVK 2751

Nobody cares about FIDE's laziness anyway, as Hans Arild Runde of Live Top List is doing excellent job in keeping us up to date with daily changes in the 2700-club.

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