Monday, May 18, 2009

Alexandra Kosteniuk Open Letter

It's been a week since Kosteniuk's open letter was posted on the FIDE website, but I somehow missed it. The letter is titled "FIDE Commission for Women's Chess Proposals", but it is clear that she is proposing on her own.

There are seven points (open issues and proposals) in this letter:
- Predictable Tournaments Calendar.
- Making our Women Stars better known and turn them into Role Models.
- Women's World Blitz and Rapid Championships.
- Creating the CAISSA Award.
- Creating a GOLD ORGANIZER award.
- Increasing Women's Prizes in Open Tournaments.
- Supporting women's events with its Budget.

FIDE Treasurer Nigel Freeman responded boldly with regard to the last point - "In fact, if you had bothered to do so and read the papers for the Dresden General Assembly..." Don't step on his toe...

Brian Callaghan, the organiser of the Gibtelecom International Open Chess Tournament, informed Kosteniuk that - "This coming year we will be increasing the Women’s prize money by 22% to £22,500.- with the first prize for Women of UKP8,000 and a further seven main prizes."

I missed the reaction of Susan Polgar, who is co-chairing in the Commission for Women's Chess. But it is funny how Kosteniuk is targeting Polgar's audience. When I type "Susan Polgar" into Google search, pops up on the top as paid link.

"Glamorous Chess Champion proves That beauty and brains go together"

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