Friday, May 08, 2009

Times Online Removes Chess Column

Dear Times Online puzzle readers,

Unfortunately from May 4, 2009, we will no longer be publishing chess, bridge, Wordwatching, Polygon or Codeword online.

I'm aware that these puzzles have a small but dedicated following. They will be back in a new format as soon as possible. However, production changes have made it impossible to publish them at the moment.

To get access to the latest Times Crosswords, consider subscribing to The Times Crossword Club. This doesn't include the puzzles that we've recently dropped, but features prize crosswords, Listener, Mephisto and TLS puzzles, a searchable archive dating back to 2000 and a member's bulletin board.

My apologies for this difficult decision,

Tom Whitwell
Assistant Editor, The Times
Changes to online games and puzzles

I was never interested in reading any of Raymond Keene's articles/books, but it is always a bad news when chess column gets sacrificed by the newspaper. I do hope The Times will bring it back soon, and with a better columnist.

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